Every 4 years, the most important bonsai event in Europe

Really original exhibition conditions with an dynamical lighting

A great popular succes, thanks to important communication actions all over Europe

200 bonsai, 100 suiseki, a lot of exhibition, shows, cultural event about Japan

The 30 most
beautiful bonsai
in Europe

The 10 most beautiful Ishitsuki in France

The 10 most beautiful olivetrees in Spain

The 10 most beautiful Jeker's students trees

The most beautiful bonsai from the Jardin Albert Kahn's collection (Paris)

The «Peace forest» from the Jardin Albert Kahn's collection (Paris)

The Willy and Gudrun Benz's suiseki

The best suiseki in France

Sogetsu's ikebana in France

The Othmar Auer's Kusamono

International demonstrators

Mitsuo Matsuda

Budi Sulistyo

John Wang

And :
Dirk Dabringhausen and Gudrun Benz (Germany),
Julian de Marco (Soain),
Enzo Ferrari (Switzerland),
Othmar Auer (Italy),
Jean-Paul Polmans (Belgium),
Soazic Le Franc,
Jean-François Busquet
et François Jeker (France)