Program of demonstrations

Three days of demonstrations

In parallel with the international events, five French demonstrators will be demonstrating non-stop during the three days

Friday, October 12

  • creation of a large Ishitsuki

    Creation of a large Ishitsuki with Scotch pines by Mitsuo MATSUDA, John WANG and Budi SULISTYO.

  • dEmonstrations

    Demonstrations by Jean-François BUSQUET and Enzo FERRARI.

  • Guided tour

    Guided tour of the Suiseki exhibit by Gudrun BENZ.

Saturday, October 13

  • demonstrations

    Demonstrations by Dirk DABRINGHAUSEN, Julian de MARCO, Jean-François BUSQUET and Enzo FERRARI.

Sunday, October 14

  • demonstrations

    Demonstrations by François JEKER, Mitsuo MATSUDA, Jean-Paul POLMANS.

  • demonstrations

    Demonstration by Soazic LEFRANC (Ikebana).

  • demonstrations

    Demonstrations by Othmar Auer, John WANG et Budi SULISTYO.